Chocolate Berry Cashew Milk Ice Cream


I’ve been playing with my ice cream maker often these past few months. I usually use a blend of coconut milk and almond milk which always comes out fantastic. My most recent favorite was an “Almond Butter Caramelized Banana” ice cream… will have to post that one soon! But today’s was an experiment with Cashew Milk which was a smashing success! I recently read about when sugar and/or fat content is lower in your alternative ice cream, it can get icy when frozen and almost impossible to eat later without it thawing for 30 minutes. This can be avoided by adding a ‘thickener’ such as gelatin. Totally worked!


1/2 C Cashews with 2 C water


2 T Raw Honey

pinch of Sea Salt

1/2 T Vanilla

2 T Raw Cacao Powder

in a separate bowl combine 1/8 C boiling water with a heaping teaspoon of Gelatin Powder (I use Great Lakes grass fed Gelatin Powder) . Whisk together than pour in blender at the end.

Optional: 1 T coconut butter (I added)


Pour into ice cream maker and let the magic happen for 15-20 minutes. When it’s getting thick, dump in a handful of mixed berries and 2 T cacao nibs/chocolate chips.



Katie Mae



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