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Most mornings, I wake up feeling rushed. I want to make the husband a protein packed, energizing breakfast so he can attack his busy workday with passion and enthusiasm! I tend to over-complicate things and have come to realize that a simple, delicious breakfast is amazing and not ‘too’ simple.

two options for fast and easy protein-packed and delicious breakfasts:

Option 1: The Sit Down Breakfast

I am a big fan of sit-down-to-eat breakfast. I think it is THE most important meal of the day and should NEVER be skipped. Sometimes a morning smoothie is the most some can handle because they just can’t stomach eggs in the morning

1. Keep prepared breakfast ‘additions’ on hand.

Throughout the week when you’re making dinners usually there are veggies, potatoes of some kind, or other goodies that will be fantastic breakfast additions. For example: I try to keep at least a Tupperware full of either washed and de-stemmed kale or sweet potatoes (I prefer white sweet potatoes).

2. Keep at least 1-2 dozen eggs on hand at all times.  

We are HUGE egg eaters. Even our 1 year old can handle almost 2 eggs every morning! We don’t skimp on buying eggs as they are loaded with nutrients. We always purchase organic, free-range; preferably from a farmers market so they are extra-fresh.

3. Always have meat on hand. Some good breakfast meats: ground turkey, bacon, sausage, salami. 

With these three items always in stock on your shelves it is EASY and QUICK to make a great breakfast that will fuel your day. Yogurt and granola, sweetened coffee, fruit juice, sugar cereal, or pastries give your body a sugar rush which shortly thereafter crashes leaving you spinning for the rest of the day trying to recover!

The quick assemble:

Upon waking (and perhaps starting your morning coffee routine):

Preheat a small sauce pan with a lid and a dab of coconut oil.

Mix 2-4 eggs in a bowl and pour into pan

Turn down heat to low and put a lid on it!

Walk away. Go take your shower, or whatever you do to make yourself presentable to the world. In about 15 minutes you will have slow cooked fluffy, magical egg goodness that is so delicious you will not believe it.

To quickly add to the basic fluffy egg, I throw the leftover veggies, a couple slices of bacon, or a few slices of pre-baked sweet potato into a separate skillet just before the eggs are finished. If the annoyance of two pans being dirty for breakfast is appalling to you, just know this: the egg pan preheated and slow cooked does not create crusty egg ANYWHERE and can easily be washed in about 2 seconds in hot water with a drop of soap. So, that’s only one pan to clean. If that’s still too much, I’m sorry, you are beyond my help.

Option 2: The On The Go Breakfast


I know what you’re thinking “I got the smoothie system DOWN, I make them all the time!” Or maybe not 🙂 Anyway, a smoothie is a wonderful alternative if you really can’t make the time to preheat a pan for a couple of eggs. Just to be clear, a smoothie is NOT a ‘morning dessert’ or stopping at a Jamba Juice on your way to work. A sugar-packed smoothie is a sure way to have a sugar spike, and then drop…. hard.

Smoothie ingredients to keep on hand: (all organic)

Greens: Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Vitamineral Greens (an AMAZING superfood/supplement packed with nutrients)

Fruit: Berries (all kinds), Banana, Mango, Dates

Liquids: Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Water, Lemon Juice

Liquid fats: Coconut oil, Flaxseed oil

Powders: Cacao Powder, Maca Powder, Cinnamon, A high quality Organic Whey Protein, or vegan soy-free protein powder (I use Garden Of Life Raw Protein Powder)

Nuts/Seeds: Almond Butter, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Raw Cashews, Flaxseeds

Smoothie ingredients to LET GO of:


Fruit: Orange

Yogurt: Unless you have raw, organic, full-fat, no sugar yogurt… don’t put it in. Yogurt is pasteurized and usually fat-free or low-fat which ALWAYS means high sugar. The amount of protein in most yogurts is negligible.

Liquids: ALL fruit juices unless a small amount of freshly squeezed organic citrus. Fruit is LOADED with sugar. Pick your fruits carefully when putting them in a smoothie. Fruit juice is concentrated sugar and rarely organic. Even when organic, the amount needed to be the substantial liquid for smoothie blending is much more than a serving and if you’re also adding fruit TO your smoothie, you’re making a sugar-shock, not a nutritional start to your day.

Powders: ANY protein powder with non-organic ingredients or artificial sweeteners. Don’t drink ‘the kool aid’ of protein powder marketing. Anything said to pump you up or leave you full for ‘hours’ has artificial ingredients that your gut cannot breakdown and is harmful!

Nuts/Seeds: Peanuts/Peanut butter. Peanuts are a highly allergenic and mold-ridden legume. They do not digest well with anyone. Almonds are a much better option. I do love peanut butter, and there are times when I need a scoop, but I try to limit these moments.

Smoothie Formula to Success:

1 C liquid (water, coconut milk, almond milk or coconut water)

1/2 C berries and/OR a stalk of celery and half a cucumber

1/2 banana OR 1 date

handful of washed kale or spinach

1 T coconut oil

1 T seeds (chia, flaxseed, hemp)

1 T nuts (almond butter or a small handful of raw cashews)

OR protein powder in place of seeds/nuts

Optional: powders of choice. I recommend cacao as it is a superfood and high in protein. I also add vitamineral greens daily for an extra energy boost.

I will post some of my favorite smoothie recipes soon!


Katie Mae



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    August 5, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    So, I just made Violet’s eggs the Mor Mae way…. OH MAH GAWSH. Genius. Coconut oil + lid + leaving it alone= the most heavenly, blissful, and fluffy eggies. Thank you!

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