Mor Mae History

Mor Mae was founded by Katie Mae in 2014. After exploring her newfound career as a stay-at-home-mom, she was ready to add another layer to her cake. Previously Katie Mae designed shoes for well known footwear companies and traveled the world for her occupation. Traveling gave Katie Mae experiences and flavor explosions from all kinds of cuisines, thus further cultivating her cooking and baking love. However, all of these tasty treats did not leave Katie Mae feeling so well. “There must be a way to enjoy the finer things in life and benefit from it nutritionally!” Determined, she studied nutrition and countless different eating and cooking trends. 3 years later the recipes she created has her family feeling the best it ever has while still indulging in the finer things in life. Prioritizing her family’s health through cooking is one of the best decisions she made.

Today Mor Mae Kitchen is a resource offering holistic recipes and cooking classes to help other families in the Southern California area make nutritious meals. If even one family can be reached and learn the vital importance of cooking for optimal health, Mor Mae is happy.


Is this site vegan, paleo, dairy or gluten-free?

My main focus is not a specific diet, or to create you a customized monthly meal plan. It is to create pure, simple and delicious recipe ideas based on ingredients that leave you feeling amazing after each meal. Taste and nutrition are equal priority to me, followed by the time it takes to make it.

So do you eat dairy or gluten?

Dairy: Personally no. I am allergic to dairy but working on reversing my dairy allergy. I fully support raw and grass-fed dairy, it is SO high in nutrients, healthy fats and good protein. I am VERY against processed, ultra-pasteurized dairy that is used mostly everywhere, in mostly everything. There are more and more studies being released on how harmful milk is for the body. I plan to have an article on this very topic here soon.

Gluten: Rarely, but I am wheat-free. Wheat is not the same wheat that it was 50 years ago. The gluten content in wheat has quadrupled since the 1940s due to hybridization. This makes it highly inflammatory, and sticks to your gut. Check out Dr. William Davis’ book, “Wheat Belly.” Most people can tolerate gluten in small forms, such as in spelt, millet, rye, barley, oats, etc. I do use these ingredients sometimes but not often.

Do you only buy organic?

90% of the time. Organic TASTES BETTER. If I need a fruit or vegetable for a certain recipe that isn’t available organic, I will compromise, but I try to not let this moment happen. The pesticides and fertilizer used on most conventional produce is extremely harmful to the body and recently linked to birth defects and autism in children. This is serious! Also, buying seasonally keeps recipes most flavorful and interesting, while keeping grocery bills down.

Isn’t organic expensive?

Have you priced doctor bills or serious medical conditions lately? You also can’t put a price on feeling healthy and having sustained energy throughout the day! Spending the extra buck on organic, fresh food is worth it to me and I hope you’ll find that once you make the switch to buying fresh produce and bulk items instead of processed and packaged foods, your grocery bill won’t be more, but probably less!

Do you ever eat sugar?

Not refined sugar! I love baking healthy treats for my family using honey, dates, maple syrup, or coconut sugar (or just fruit-sweetened!). When the rest of the ingredients are high-quality and flavorful, you’ll find that you don’t need much (or any) sugar or sweetener of any kind!

Why can’t you spell “More?”

“Mor” is swedish for “Mother,” an ode to my swedish roots. But if you want to think of it as some “More Mae” every time you see a post, that’s great too!