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    Healthy Meals For Toddlers

    I LOVE my babies (duh) and want them to be healthy (what mom doesn't?!). Giving your kids a healthy immune system is such an incredible gift and responsibility. Sure, fast food/processed food is easy and convenient, but it does them no favors, and you'll be paying for it with chronic sickness, doctor visits, and sleepless nights galore. 

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  • Breakfast

    Sweet Potato Pancakes

    These pancakes are BEYOND delicious and only have 3 basic ingredients, it's crazy! I make these almost every week and they never last long enough to take a picture. I made…

  • Side Dishes

    Lacto-Fermented Vegetables

    Pickled vegetables?! Yes. If you haven’t made your own, it’s time. DO NOT FEAR. For those afraid of growing toxic mold and poisoning yourself and/or your family, go by this saying,…

  • Entrees

    Sweet Potato & Bacon Meat Muffins

    I am the meat-muffin QUEEN. No, not meat loaf, meat MUFFINS. I mean, who really wants to eat a LOAF of meat. Literally a slab of ground meat LOAF?…

  • Entrees

    Albondigas Butternut Squash Soup

    Warm, hearty, and exploding with flavor, this soup is perfect for a fall night. I've made this soup countless times and after too many people banging my door down…

  • Entrees

    Bone Broth

    BONE BROTH is a fast growing trend. I've personally assisted MANY friends and family on getting bone broth started and incorporated into their diets! I couldn't be prouder of…